Remote Staffing
(BPO-business process outsourcing)

Manage a talent portal that provides on-demand access to pre-screened candidates, ready to be interviewed and hired at a moment’s notice. Just hire under our entities to expand your business goals fast with no compliance risk.

Brighten Business Consulting provide man-power outsourcing service on all kinds of talents and focus on 2 sectors: Design sector including Graphic design, web design, product design, multimedia design, interior design, user experience (UX) designer, user interface (UI) designer, Film & Video editor. Admin sector including project executive, office admin, account, secretary, personal assistant, customer service, sales & merchandiser.

.Our full time staff will on duty in our overseas office and provide service to client during operation hour. Our management team will follow up all HR and payroll arrangement and also take care all the office equipment including computer & all kinds of office utilities.


Reduce turnover of switching employees | Similar culture | Less cost on wages | Able to communicate in both Cantonese and English | Economic way to explore Asia Pacific market

The future of work is changing fast and now. Technology and a global economy are accelerating that change, with more and more workers opting for some level of remote work. Staffing firms need to understand the changing landscape and invest in technology to embrace and thrive in the changing global workforce.

Our team of placement consultants is here for your success. From growing your business with top talent, to finding your dream job, our hiring professionals are here to support you and your business goals. Remote work can work for staffing employers and their associates.

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