Business Consultation

The Brighten team provides custom software development, infrastructure planning, security analysis and risk assessment. Technical consultants can also provide advice on technology and software strategy or management evaluation, such as how to invest in cost-effective systems or how to integrate new software measures for evaluation KPI (Key Performance indicators) with multiple departments.

Seminar / Coaching

Other than that, we also provide vocational training. Coaching involves the collaborative and personalized relationship between employees and coaches to make sustained changes. The aim is to use the advantages of employees to identify and fill the skill gaps to improve their efficiency at work. it is a way of improving, optimizing performance or learning new skills.

Coaching can be used to enhance a range of workplace skills. These include:

  • Leadership / Management
  • Productivity
  • Project management
  • Delegation
  • Achieving goals
  • Problem-solving and planning
  • Communication and skill building
  • Developing high performing teams
  • Customer service skill
  • Strong knowledge of common Marketing enablement solutions

  • Improve employee’s communication skill

The stages of coaching and the approach includes, establishing the coaching partnership, action planning, skill development, evaluation and follow-up.

The program provides real-time, experiential learning experiences. at the same time providing you with many touchpoints to have close interactions with the trainers and engaged in deepened learning.


Trade shows & Fair organizers - We provide consultation and service for trade show, Events production, events promoters, exhibitions strategy and marketing campaign, roadshows in supermarket and shopping mall, corporate & community events.

Events are a great way of building brand awareness. An Event strategy is critical to ensuring your deliver a successful event with memories.

Channel Analysis

We provide distribution channel analysis and optimization to reap our long-term benefits from your business. Small-medium businesses with limited resources or financial support must perform a careful market analysis to determine which distribution channel is best suited for their customers.

Improving business processes allows you to streamline repetitive tasks and improve operational efficiency — both of which reduce overall costs and increase productivity.

Let’s talk about our leading low-code Business Process Management Platform can help grow your business and improve the collaboration efficiency

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