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Brighten is a Remote Staffing, Branding & Marketing, Business Consultation, Web System & RPA agency based in Hong Kong, providing years of experience in Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design & Logo Design. Brighten was established in 2008 and we have built up our reputation over the years to become a serious leader in Hong Kong’s creative scene. We aim to help you capture your audience’s imagination with cohesive, powerful and truly engaging campaigns.

Brighten took a big step into the digital future in 2018, expanding the development blueprint to Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur and establishing a new office branch.


Tailor make webdesign with 15+ years web design experience include e-commerce, informative and ensure clients grab the business. Tailor-made web design, with more than 10 years of web design experience, including e-commerce, informative and ensuring customers tailor make web design with 10+ years web design experience include e-commerce, informative and ensure clients grab the business

We provide full-time talented staff from Malaysia under remote to direct service clients in UK , Hong Kong , Australia. An easy-to-build design and support reliable team that will take care of other trivial matters.

By leveraging technology at speed and enabling innovation at a business scale, helping our clients transform to realize long-term value for people and business. Consulting at brighten is building a better working world by realizing business transformation through the power of people, technology and innovation.

Scale-up and activate your digital marketing across channels. Work with our digital specialists to map exactly who your most valuable customers are and find more of them with profit and customer lifetime value-driven campaigns.

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We are extremely proud yet humbled to have worked with a diverse clientele portfolio, from dynamic forward thinking entrepreneurs to industry leading businesses from all over the world.

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Our experienced in-house team have produced outstanding projects for a diverse portfolio across various industries. We treat our clients as partners and work closely in unison whether they are a start-up or a multi-national corporation.